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Eye Care Services

servicesEyecare Services available in Macon and Warner Robins

At Primary Eyecare Associates, we are committed to providing the best care in our area, offering a professional a welcoming environment. Our comprehensive eye care services include complete and thorough eye exams, checking for visual acuity and diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. We also offer a great optical department where you can find the perfect pair of glasses or contact lenses for you!

Eye Exams at Primary Eyecare Associates

Our doctors at Primary Eyecare Associates are trained to find everything there is to find during an eye examination. The reason we put such a big emphasis on attending eye exams is that routine eye examinations find many diseases in their early stages, when a patient often suffers no symptoms. Diseases such as glaucoma have much better outlooks when found early on. We recommend a bi-yearly examination for those in good health, and a yearly examination for those who have a history of eye disease, or if they have a pre-existing condition. If anything out of the ordinary is found, your doctor will schedule another exam that is more focused.

If you are in need of an eye examination in Warner Robins or Macon, call Primary Eyecare Associates today for your appointment!

Contact Lenses

If you are tired of wearing glasses, contact lenses may be right for you. Contact lenses are the no-surgery way to correct your vision and ditch your glasses! Contact lenses are great for those with active lifestyles.

Primary Eyecare Associates offers a variety of contact lens types. Your doctor will determine which is best for your eyes and your lifestyle. From daily-wear lenses, to extended wear lenses, Primary Eyecare Associates has you covered. If you are thinking about trading glasses for contact lenses, call for your appointment today!


LASIK surgery is one of the most common and popular refractive surgeries today. Are you tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? LASIK may be the answer. LASIK surgery aims to reshape the cornea, so that light can be properly reflected onto the retina. This allows for sharp and clear vision at all distances. If you are interested in this amazing procedure, call Primary Eyecare Associates today to set up your LASIK consultation.

  • Learn more about what problems can be spotted with an eye exam, what’s involved in a comprehensive exam, and special considerations for kids and contacts.
  • As we reach middle age, particularly after age 40, it is common to start to experience difficulty with reading and performing other tasks that require near vision. This is because with age, the lens of our eye becomes increasingly inflexible, making it harder to focus on close objects. This condition is called presbyopia and eventually it happens to everyone who reaches old age to some extent.
  • Dry eye syndrome (DES) is a chronic condition that develops when your eyes do not produce and maintain enough tears to keep the eye’s surface lubricated.
  • According to experts, 80% of learning is visual, which means that if your child is having difficulty seeing clearly, his or her learning can be affected.  This also goes for infants who develop and learn about the world around them through their sense of sight.  To ensure that your children have the visual resources they need to grow and develop normally, their eyes and vision should be checked by an eye doctor at certain stages of their development.
  • Including Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Cataracts.
  • We use the most up-to-date technology to ensure the best eye care possible. Learn about the different types of tests and equipment you may experience on a visit to our Practice.
  • Did you know your optometrist can help you with red eyes, pink eye, or sore eyes, foreign body removal and eye emergencies?
  • If you're ready for an alternative to glasses and/or contacts look to us for co-management of LASIK, cataract, and other ocular surgery.
  • Orthokeratology, or "ortho-k," is the process of reshaping the eye with specially-designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses. The goal of ortho-k is to flatten the front surface of the eye and thereby correct mild to moderate amounts of nearsightedness and astigmatism.
  • Digital eye strain, eye fatigue and computer vision syndrome (CVS) are conditions that result from extended exposure to digital screens.
  • Try Latisse™  for longer, thicker lashes.
  • Low vision is the term used to describe reduced eyesight that cannot be fully corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or eye surgery. The primary causes of low vision are eye diseases, but low vision also can be inherited or caused by an eye or brain injury.
  • Astigmatism is a very common eye condition that's easily corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses and on some occasions, surgery.
  • Vision plays a crucial role throughout childhood and beyond. Yet many parents don't understand how vision helps their children develop appropriately.
  • Sports eyewear can give you the performance edge you're seeking for just about any sport (tennis, racquetball, etc.) or recreational activity (hunting, fishing, etc.). It can also provide the safety and eye protection you need as well.